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Sucralose Sweetener

In the recent years the trend towards health, Figure & Fitness is increased.
Energy imbalance between calories consumed on one hand, and calories expended on the other hand ,Urbanization , Sedentary life styles and Excessive consumption of SUGARY FOODs along with increased fat consumption specially saturated fats is leading India to obesity . Obesity being the primary factor of type II Diabetes is leading India to become the diabetic capital of the world by 2030.

The new generation of India is becoming more “Calorie Conscious” and thus consumer demand for Low Calorie / No –Sugar Foods is increasing .The new generation health suggestion guidelines include the recommendations of moderate intake of Sugar and use of products sweetened with Sucralose. It reduces the CALORIE and thus helps in achieving /controlling the goal of reducing the Sugar from the Diet.

Sucralose - A New Generation Diabetic Fit Zero-calorie Sweetener and Sugar Substitute’ is the answer to the ‘sweet Tooth India Population’ which consumes world’s highest Sugar in domestic consumption.

Sucralose is used by millions of people worldwide and is used in more than 4,000 food products and drinks. India PFA also permits the use of Artificial Sweetener Sucralose in certain products i.e. Ice cream, Dairy, Beverages, bakery ,Indian sweets, etc……Sucralose is helpful especially for INDIAN PEOPLE who enjoy SWEET FOOD but are trying to reduce the number of calories that they consume or the ‘Amount of Sugar’ in their Diet by reducing the amount of ADDED SUGAR and CALORIES .
Sucralose tastes just like sugar without any aftertaste and is highly stable under high temperature processing’s. It has a longer self life and stable Sugar Profile and thus can be used almost anywhere sugar is used. It is also an ideal sweetener for people with diabetes.

Jk sucralose inc. is the Second largest Sucralose Manufacturer in the world and is supplying Best Quality Sucralose globally. JJD Enterprises, a professional distributor is supplying JK Sucralose exclusively in PAN India Network from J&K to Kerala including states Punjab, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Haryana, Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Uttaranchal, Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, MadhyaPradesh, Gujrat, Maharastra, Kerala, Orissa, Karnatka, Andhra-pradesh, Goa, Chattisgarh, West Bengal & Assam etc from its Delhi Office and through its associates setups throughout country ………
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